If you think that “red fox shiba” isn’t photoshopped you are so wrong

actually it’s originally from reddit, and the guy said he safely dyed the legs and tail to make her look like a fox. 

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Your Anime Story

  • your story’s length:
  • your genre:
  • your character:
  • your lover:
  • the climax:
  • the ending:
  • your story’s length: 69 episodes
  • your genre: yaoi
  • your character: the classy pervert
  • your lover: the tomboy
  • the climax: your pikachu finally evolves
  • the ending: you finally handle a burrito

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i am brilliant

Sugar panties! scandalous c:

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Guys I know I don’t post very often, but can you please vote for my friend’s film, “Black Hat.” It’s against bullying and will have anime sequences and boost anime as a legitimate art form. :) Please vote and confirm your vote through your email. Thanks again!


Okay so this got deleted, so im adding it again

2014 giveaway - an excellent condition Windows 8 Laptop

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Wolf Children Review

Wolf Children

Directed by: Mamoru Hosoda

So I followed the trend of tumblr and purchased Wolf Children on Blu Ray. It took about 2 sittings to watch the movie (because it’s about 3 hours and I fall asleep very easily). I just have to say, wow, what beautiful directing. It’s easy to see the inspiration from Ghibli in these new anime films coming out! At the same time, Hosoda has his own style. I can see how much he’s improved after Summer Wars and also see what new techniques he attempted to try.

I just want to say, his CGI is quite seamless into the 2D animation..you can tell it’s CGI but it fits so well into the environment. I especially loved the scenes that had no words, just beautiful music and time passing by. Sometimes life goes by in a blink of a moment and you really have no memory of conversation, just images and feelings, and moments. I like that Wolf Children emphasizes that, and they illustrate time passing by just like how we feel it does. The image that comes to my mind the most is the illustration just by the camera panning back and forth, between classrooms. It’s a great way of showing Yuki and Ame’s differences, and also the passage of time through the years as Yuki grows more human and outgoing, and Ame slinks into the timid personality of a wolf. They are mirror opposites and representations of either side of their heritage.

And yet, through it all, is the central binding character. Hana, Yuki and Ame’s mother, who by happenstance, meets their father, a wolf-human who tries his luck at living among humans. They fall in love, and they have children, which are Yuki and Ame. A tragedy happens because the father falls prey to his own instincts. They are alone, and the mother is scared. She is unsure, but she is patient. I can’t believe how patient she is through it all. She never gets angry, or frustrated with her children. She is patient and loving, and lets them make their own decisions and follow their own path. She realizes they are special, different from other children. There are moments when she is truly afraid, and perhaps clings to them a bit because of the father’s death, but in the end, she lets go and lets them be free.

The characters are endearing, the images are beautiful, and the pacing is slow but bittersweet. The themes of letting go, being yourself, walking your own path, and patience and family make it a great film. Perhaps too long for a child to sit still, and too serious-themed for them too, but if you’re an avid anime fan, this is a great film to watch.



I don’t understand people using religion or religious beliefs as a viable excuse for prejudice and hatred. You can’t go around excusing yourself for homophobia because a book told you it’s okay. Educate yourself, be a decent human being. Sexual orientation is not a choice, it’s not a defect, and…

diggersby tho

This comment is so full of win. 

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